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World Destruction -Will it make a hit?-

World Destruction

For those who don’t know the series yet, it is better to read my first post about this anime because it has the brief introduction than what I’m going to tell here.

Well, because I don’t see too many interested, then I’ll do it on my own… I’ve wanted to do this right after the very first airing of episode 1 but there were no fansubbers and I’m not sooo fluent to understand several Jap words to just watch the raw vids.

The first scenes/introduction of the anime seemed to me like Gurren Lagann because of the title says about the world(setting of the anime) because he speaks of beastmen and human’s world which is ruled by the beastmen ( sounds familiar right?) The opening theme of the anime is very funky and it’s not too fit for the anime (for me).

I gave time for this series to have an entry because it really is interesting. Usual RPGs have heroes that fight monsters, find more allies and anything else just to save the world. This anime is different. It does the opposite. The heroes of this anime wants to destroy the world and it makes me nuts. I don’t why Morte really really hate the world but isn’t there any other method to save the world(which is sometimes the plot of other RPGs). Yeah, yeah, whatever, let’s give them the stage so that they could continue the production. The job for us is to find out if they did a good job.

The 4channers seems not to like it and says that it is just a mediocre anime. It is decent for an anime of this age. It doesn’t have that much impact when I watched the first episode but who knows? It might do something really nasty at the middle to grab many admirers? That is why I’m planning to watch closely this series. It seems to be very confident that it will hit the market. Hmm… Maybe because they’ve got the manpower of some of the known people, seiyuus and Production IG.

The plot is very vague( just as what Kyrie stated himself in the episode 1). I don’t know how they would make the story revolve but so far… I don’t see the importance why Toppi got involved in the party other than he was just drag into the trouble. I think they should focus first on character development before having others on the party. I didn’t like it that way as well because I think that’s the reason why Chrono Cross has too many characters. Anyway, it is known that they are only 6 in the party but the reason why they joined Morte should be a valid one right?

  1. blissmo says: July 13, 20089:06 pm

    I get another Tower of Druaga vibe from this lols

  2. jitensha says: July 14, 200811:39 am

    to blissmo: I’ll comment to your site later if I see something I can relate with.

  3. blissmo says: July 15, 20089:10 pm

    Ahha, lols~

  4. dingsan says: July 16, 20089:32 pm

    The fanboy usually locked away in the dark recesses of my mind can’t resist pointing out that Gurren Lagann is light years ahead of World Destruction.

    Also, I agree with the /a/ lurkers. There is nothing spectacular about this anime, but as long as it doesn’t turn out to be a total disaster then it should be fine. It shall wallow in mediocrity.

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