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Zero no Tsukaima – Season 3…

Because I heard there would be a third installment for this series, I finished the 2 previous season just this June so that I would be able to ride on the same boat with everyone. By the way, I also watched this on crunchyroll because my brother insists that it is just somehow a modernized tsundere Akazukin Chacha. Even so, Omni-senpai has Louise as his banner at his site so I tried to give it a shot since he is also choosy when it comes to what to watch. A friend of mine also recommended it to me but I didn’t have time during those days. It is about magic so maybe I could see some cool spells.

Just like what others said about the series, I also didn’t like much the second season because too many insignificant characters were introduced. Because of that, I wasn’t able to see Tabitha and Kirsche that much. I always thought that it would be cool if the students would be the one to always defeat the enemies.

The war thing made the show kind of insipid. If only they focus on the Magic Academy alone, then the series would have gone far on ratings even it is not that long in episodes.

I hope the season 3 would be great just like the first one. Oh well, I’m planning on finishing the series so whatever happens… The show became so much senseless when they tried to focus it with the war. Since it is already finished, they must not put up one again. Please…

If ever there is a thing they must focus other than the Academy, that is Saito’s origins, the Void Magic, and other things that revolves around Louise since she is the protagonist here…

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  1. blissmo says: July 12, 200812:10 pm

    There’s a third season and I haven’t even checked out the first one yet

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