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Atashin’chi;Pros of Anime Localization

Everyday of course our moms wouldn’t stop nagging us about anything every now and then. That is because they love us, their sons and daughters.

I find Atashin’chi a similar place of our home. Not that I’m saying that the Mama in the anime is the same with my mother. Its just that she sometimes makes a fuss about things that is very trivial.

At first, I thought about things like… Are they trying to portray mothers as someone stupid? Well, uhmm yeah, the character of Mama in Atashin’chi is kind of stupid but she is just very lovely. What they portray is just atypical household. I just love the ruckus that they make every show. I can’t help but laugh. Few months ago, I really don’t know what Atashin’chi is all about. What I just remembered was Crayon Shin-chan because of the art.

Since I’m watching a show during 4:00 pm, I often turn the television as early as 3:30 pm (time slot of Atashin’chi). I don’t know what Atashin’chi sounds like when it is on Japanese but I prefer the Tagalog dubbed because the silly thoughts won’t be incorporated if it’s just literally dubbed to Tagalog. I’m actually waiting for the Dubber’s Cut of the show since the voices are funny and the speed of speech is sort of fast. Just a coincidence that they really showed it. The dubbers’ voices are very cute. I’m very amazed with Mama’s dubber. It looks like as if it’s her natural accent. They are also allowed to meld some ad lib to have the script look more natural.

This kind of show is the type that varies among countries. You just can’t get the thought if it’s from Japan right? At least, if the scripts were adjusted to Filipino culture, viewers will understand it. Instances like this are the jokes that has something to do with word plays. There no way the ordinary Filipinos would understand that kind of “joke”.

Therefore, anime localizations have advantages as well. I can tell that its just effective to comedy genres since the jokes originated from Japan. To suit the viewers’ taste, then it should be adjusted to the culture of the country.

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  1. ana says: July 5, 20089:53 am

    anung channel yan? :))

    parang nakakatuwa ehh.. 😛

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