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Code Geass R2 2nd Upgrade

The first upgrade of Code Geass R2 was during the introduction of both new flying units, Guren Kashoushiki and Lancelot Conquista. Because the said series were already introduced, let’s discussed now the other/new Knightmare frames that was shown in the recent episode 11.

First of all, let me introduce the Britannian’s Knightmare frames, Tristan and Mordred.

Tristan is Zino’s Knightmare frame. It is the fastest aerial unit when it is on its jet mode(fortress mode). It can transform pretty fast to the Knightmare form itself. It is equipped with a double ended pole arm. Thus, it can perform mid-range damage to several enemies at a time. It can also launch two of its harkens and combine them to produce a beam that could match Shen Hu’s Baryon Cannon.


Mordred is piloted by Anya Earlstein. It is very massive compare to other Knightmares. It is also an aerial unit but it is pretty slow. Even though it is slow, It is very sturdy because of its shield. It can also shoot multiple hadron shots from its hips, arms, chest and legs to hit enemies around it. Its shield could stand against a tackle of two Akatsuki Jikisanshiyou. The strongest weapon of Mordred is its Stark Hadron Cannon. It is the shot that uses both of its hadron cannon shoulder pads and unleashes a radiation wave to the enemy. It is quite similar to the Guren’s radiation wave. I think it is quite stronger than the Guren’s shot. It is slower to activate though.


With the help of Lakshata’s team, they were able to upgrade several weapons and parts of the Knightmares. They were able to upgrade several systems such as the float system and it was made possible by Lakshata. The India also gave them enough support and assistance so that they would achieve the rebellion.

At the Black Knights’ side, there is also this new Zangetsu frame. It has the same system as Guren. It was made to be piloted by Toudou Kyoshiro. It replaced his former Gekka. It can produce a radiation shield by its chest. Its primary weapon is a sword which has a hilt that is a harken. It is said that it is just a float unit. It means that Zangetsu is originally a land unit but through the help of the float system, it can now do maneuvers on the sky. Hidden at its chest is a pair of machine guns. When I first saw Zangetsu, I remembered Reuben, an AGWS from Xenosaga.zangetsu

Another frame is Shinkirou. It uses the Gawain’s druid system that enables it to automatically activate its shield whenever a projectile is detected. For that, it enables the Knightmare frame to have the so-called absolute protection. It is piloted by Lelouch himself. I think it is just a reinforcement frame. Even so, it has an attack where it launches a “prism-like crystal” followed by a beam shot. The “prism-like crystal” causes the beam to refract and hit multiple enemies at a time. It is the most versatile Knightmare frame in terms of terrain capability. It has a float system to enable flight. At the same time, it can transform into a submarine for Lelouch’s personal use so that he could go back and forth to China and Japan undetected.shinkirou

There are also Akatsuki Jikisanshiyou(s). It uses a sword as a primary weapon. It has radiation wave missiles as well. It is piloted by Nagisa and Asahina, the two remaining allies of Toudou from Japan Liberation Front. C.C also has her own customized pink Akatsuki Jikisanshiyou. It is weak compared to the other single-unit frames because it is the next generation of Knightmare frames made for mass production.akatsuki jikisanshiyou

The olive green colored Knightmare frames (the one that Tamaki pilots) are the plain Akatsukis. It is just a land unit but it can do decent damages. It is the present generation of mass production Knightmare frame.akatsuki

There was also this Knightmare frame from the Chinese Federation called Shen Hu. It was said to be just at its 40% when it fought Guren Kashoushiki so it really is incredibly strong. Shen Hu was made at the same time with Guren though it was way too high-spec causing it to be delayed. Its Baryon Cannon can match the power of Guren’s radiation wave. It has a sword as well but it uses primarily the swirling pendulum on its arms (wrist harkens) to entangle, constrict and purge with electricity the enemies. It is an aerial unit as well like the others. It can also use the wrist harkens on its arms as a shield by swirling it at its maximum torque.
shen hu

Ikaruga and Avalon are the mother ships of the Order of the Black Knights and the Britannia. Ikaruga possess a twin hadron cannon equipped at its both sides. It also has layer of shields for weak shot attempts. Avalon hasn’t show anything yet.ikaruga

It’s been a while as well since the episodes got a bit puzzling and plot twisted. I hope they would continue such production unlike the other episodes that did not met my expectations because of the lack of significance of characters that is supposedly important. The mecha units are also slowly turning into Gundams! I hope not! And what’s sad? I haven’t seen Kallen lately because of that silly abduction! -_-

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