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Wild ARMs: The Vth Vanguard

I’ve been playing this for the past 6 months I guess…

In terms of the playing hours, I’ve been playing this game for nearly 2 days. To be precise, I’ve been playing it for 40++ hours. It’s been a while since I planned to “finish” a RPG. The last RPG I remember I finished was FF Tactics so it’s really been a long time since then. Something(or was it someone?) motivated me to finish this RPG for this might be the last PS2 RPG that I might ever play. Too sad eh?

I don’t want spoilers so I won’t narrate too much detail when it comes to the story. The characters of Wild Arms 5 are well-developed. They really have the reason to join the party and defeat the radicals. The main plot of the story is how the party would be able to break the wall between the two races; Human and Verunis, which is one and the same before some time.

Dean Stark is the main protagonist, he is totally dense. He is obsessed with the idea of being a golem hunter and had Nightburn, the number one golem hunter, as his idol. He loves golems very much that he would dig everytime just to find a golem part. An incident changed his perspective and decided to travel with the others. He is very idealistic that most of the characters are annoyed. Even so, he is considered very influential to all his comrades.

Rebecca Streisand  is Dean’s childhood friend who seems to have a crush on him. Knowing Dean, a totally dense person, she never dare to confess it even though she seems to exert effort so that Dean would realize. She plays the part of the narrator because she kept a diary since the start of their journey. She is also the coolest character for me for she can do acrobatic-shooting.

Avril Vent Fleur is the reason why the boring days of Dean and Rebecca progressed. She had a grand entrance from the sky alongside with a golem. Coincidentally, Dean and Rebecca is at the site where she landed. She woke up without any trace of her memories except the word “Johnny Appleseed” and the dual ARMs she carries which she gave to Dean. She was accompanied by Dean and Rebecca on a journey in order to regain her memories.

Chuck Preston was soon introduced but the last one to join the party. He is the golem apprentice that was mistaken to be the thief that stole the artifact from a town. With the help of Avril, he was saved from being hanged. He was resolved by the party to do something instead of watching each of his friends from his hometown to be taken away by the Verunis. He joined the party last.

Greg Russelberg is a renowned golem crusher and fugitive during this time. He had once a family that was murdered by a man with a golem’s arm. That was the day that he swore to destroy all the golems and kill that man in order to deliver his vengeance. He soon met Dean and the party. Dean was angry the fact that Greg is crushing golems but he believed that he is a good person. Greg somehow remembers his son whenever Dean is with him. He agreed to accompany the party believing that he will meet the person who killed his family once he join the party. He promised as well not to destroy golems to Dean during the journey.

Carol Anderson is the klutz but very reliable comrade of the party. Despite of being small, she is capable of defending herself just fine. She is also very knowledgeable to the things going around the Filgaia because she grew under the premises of Professor Elvis. She decided to search for her professor and went to a journey but met the party. Avril reminds her of the professor so she decided to go with them while also searching for her professor. She also considers Dean as her big brother. She is afraid of being alone again so she seek the company of others and she finally knew herself what to do since she met the party.

I don’t like to introduce the antagonists ^^.

I like the HEX system of the game. I wonder though how does one bullet hit multiple enemies in one HEX. Anyway, I also like the dual tech system because it reminds me of Chrono Trigger/Cross. My favorite Dual Tech is…


Trigger Rondo!~ Dean and Rebecca are very cool during the Dual Tech. It is also not so exaggerated unlike the other dual techs.

The story is kind of puzzling during the later part. I’m already at that part so I hope I could finish this game soon.

This is actually my first Wild Arms game so maybe I would try to play the rest as well.

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