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Inu Yasha – At last?


I don’t know if I would be glad or sad about Inu Yasha’s ending. After all, they managed to defeat Naraku, I think. (I haven’t read the manga yet. I finished watching the series though.) I know it has been a pretty long journey before the boss was defeated. Isn’t it kind of sad? I guess there is no endless anime. Some things will really come to an end.
I liked Inu Yasha ever since I saw the series first on the television. I’m fond of the story so I managed to finished it. What I really liked in Inu Yasha was the journey itself. Their journey is very unpredictable. I also loved the characters for their tenacity to defeat Naraku. They never grew tired so I never grew tired of watching their adventures as well. I actually don’t know what happened to Kikyo in the ending. I hope she died peacefully and accepted that Inu Yasha has moved on already with their past relationship.

I think this is the longest anime I have finished watching (Regardless of Naruto and Bleach filler arcs) . It’s never boring because there is always something new. I also enjoy watching it because it is set to the Feudal Era. The folklores are sometimes involved so I learn something whenever I watch it. One thing I learned from Inu Yasha is the folklore of Princess Kaguya from the moon.

I hope Rumiko Takahashi gave it a good ending just like what she did on Maison Ikkoku. I’ll also wait for the next project! 😛 .

Anyway, I love the series so I don’t mind if they continue it… Just a suggestion. The manga is already finished so I guess there won’t be any breaks anymore. The ending is very vague so a continuation would really save us from reading mangas.

Even so~ I’m also planning to read the manga now so later maties~

Just wanna share something: I drew a picture of Kagome when I was still a high schooler… I cherished it because it’s the best(I think so) I have drawn so far. It was tore apart by a classmate of mine and I got so frustrated. Hahaha~ I wish I could draw it again the same as I did before…

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