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I don’t know if this is a bad or a good thing. Anyway, I like to give you the picture.

In the original Digimon Adventures 02 , meaning the Japanese, the people said that Hikari and Takeru ended up with each other because Taichi’s son called Takeru as Takeru-ojisan. This mean two things. Takeru married Hikari or the ojisan was just used to pertain Takeru’s old age. Therefore there was an open ending for their future here. Unlike…

In the english dubbed Digimon Adventures 02, Hikari and Takeru didn’t ended up because there wasn’t any suffice evidence just like how Taichi’s son called Takeru-ojisan.

I don’t know what really is the truth because I watched both!

This is what I’m trying to find out. Is Anime Localization a good or a bad thing. If consistency would be erased from the anime because of the wrong scripts or edits then the anime would be ruined. It will also affect the fans.

Tomorrow, the last episode of tagalized Digimon Adventures 02 would be aired. I’d like to know whether what idea they would push.

Update: I have finished watching it. Taichi’s son just called Takeru as Takeru…(Regardless of disrespect) Just what clue do you expect? No clues were given as well. I don’t know but maybe they do based it from the english dub. After all, Tailmon is called as Gatomon here. *sigh* To think I’m a fan of Takari… hahaha

Localizations also sometimes result into a sudden change in the tone of voice of some characters. Thus, the intention of the character is sometimes viewed different in the perspectives of the fans. I’m not saying that they should not do dubs…It’s just that they should do it the way the Japanese did it because the thought changes from place to place. After all, it really came from Japan… I can only name few animes with english dubs that has decent ones.

I hate Miaka’s voice from Fushigi. Miaka has a very childish voice in English. I like Inu Yasha’s english dub.

The themes are also sometimes edited. The opening is also replaced by the localized one (even if the translation is pretty rough). I think that my childhood is quite grateful to these localized opening themes. Although I really believe that the original ones are the better.(is there someone who knows the tagalog OP of rayearth? XD)

This post might be linked to what I posted about NHK ni Youkoso streamed at the crunchyroll just for them to advertise their DVDs. I don’t know if the anime english dubbing is really doing good. Anyway, if it is now, then good. Too sad though that it wasn’t before now.

I have to admit that animes that are being localized here in Philippines are not quite as well… You know… The only channel that does it is Hero TV. I just hate how they spell out the cheezy lines. The stresses on the names are also often wrong! I hate them for that.(e.g. Ne’gima is pronounced as Negi’ma) It sounds pretty harsh for someone who knows the right one. I don’t know if they do the research work. Because if they do? They must have at least a clue on what or how to do.

Maybe what they just thought of was the income because the anime is at its peak at that time. They just translated it and… sold it to make money.

Best regards to the dubbers and seiyuus~

  1. STRAIN says: June 22, 20089:54 pm

    in Digimon 02
    Chinese Ver..
    they said takeru became a novel writer and thats where it ended…
    Hikari a kindergarden teacher…
    The little girl called Takeru [UNCLE] in cantonese [if not mistaken (cz my cantonese Sukz)]

  2. karina says: February 2, 200910:32 pm

    Could anybody tell me the title of the anime in picture if that’s possible please^^ ??

  3. foomafoo says: February 3, 20096:40 pm

    it’s Lucky Star! XD

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