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Negima OVA – Shiroki Tsubasa Ala Alba


I don’t know if the title is just redundant. I tried to search for the meaning of Ala Alba. Alba means “white”. In Celtic, Alba also refers to the whole country of Great Britain (Negi came from Whales). There was no certain meaning for Ala but the word Alaida means “winged”. Shiroki Tsubasa means “white wings” right? Anyway, my plead was heard(My post about the animes that need the season 2). I thought I will read the manga forever… I was expecting another season… Oh well, OVA is just ok… just too short for the whole arc though… I’m glad that they are progressing to what the manga is… Its good to see pactio again 🙂 .

pactio trueI don’t know how Shaft will rewrite the script when the first Negima they’ve got had all the girls with pactio… The manga only has 7 girls I guess.

Nodoka has too many books than the true artifact… I wish it’s not a rubbish fabricated filler again XD . Glad to see the scene where Asuna easily thwarted Ayaka’s attack… That means… It was the night of the festival where Asuna and… Takamichi…. Haha… Spoiler XD. Oh, I forgot… it’s also Kotarou’s debut on TV. I also want to see Fate again. I want to see the action after they arrived in the other world… The trailer of Negima OVA is over here

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