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Crunch it?

nhknyApparently, NHK ni Youkoso are uploaded in crunchyroll in english dubbed version for some reasons… That is to promote the English dubbing industry. In my opinion, they chose a good show. Sadly, I doubt if they would upload the whole series. The said deal was to upload two episodes everyweek within 6 weeks. That would only make 12 episodes of NHK out of 26. Their aim is primarily to provoke the viewers of crunchyroll~ Well if it’s me and I haven’t still watched the anime then I would finish it at all costs. Considering that no one has uploaded the NHK series yet. It is an advantage to the ADV films because some viewers would initiate to buy the DVD right away. Anyway, there is nothing bad at all, its just that its very unfair because they are just letting us see the “exposition” without watching the “denouement” of the whole series.

It is very sad there weren’t anyone who uploaded the original series in Jap. Though I think its futile now since its licensed already right?

But they’re gonna show the English dub?…sigh… Business…

It is also not available to be viewed in my country — what the heck?

What am I saying? I’m not interested at all 🙁 ! I have watched it already 🙁 The Jap one…


out of topic – Negima 214 is now out. I’m right about the memories of Asuna. Probably in June, it will be revealed.

  1. mark says: June 8, 20084:57 pm

    san mo napanood to? haha!
    crunchyroll lang so far ang pinagtyatyagaan kong panuoran sa net, kasi mas mabilis siya among others.

    i’m still watching prince of tennis btw. X_X

  2. jitensha says: June 9, 200810:47 am

    you could try veoh since they don’t care whether the anime is licensed or not. It’s not in sequence though. The probability that the anime uploaded being not complete in episodes is also relatively high.

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