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School Rumble – Third Semester/Term

Yes! Gurugumawaru is on its way back! It is apparently coming this July…I don’t know if School Rumble plans on using it again as the opening theme but they used it on the promotional video. Even though it is the third term, I don’t see any mental growth to Tenma though she pledged to do the confession to Karasuma this time. Meanwhile, Harima is still obsessed in loved with Tenma. Yakumo looks innocent as ever. Eri is still a tsundere… Mikoto is still determined with her “princess” role. Kira is still with her striking mean look. It’s not good to have spoilers so please see it yourself~.

I’m looking forward the cultural festivals and the intramural 😀

It looks like Tenma’s effort is appealing to Karasuma. I don’t know who will end up. Would Harima finally confess? I don’t think that Third Term would be the last term so I suppose it would be still a long way to go for these guys. I hope this would be a comeback of the series since the Second Term got a lower rating than the first show. For me, it would be a good idea to use Scramble again as the opening OR if not, maybe have Horie Yui again to sing the opening. Many reviews about the second term are about the not that lively opening/ ending of the second term. Maybe that was a factor… after all I also didn’t liked it that much 😛 .[I’m not saying the one who sang the song is a bad singer]

erichan Eri looks like she’s already falling for Harima or maybe.. NOT? Maybe she’s in the dere-dere mode. Eri must have developed feelings for Harima after all the ruckus. It must be tough to be tsundere, she is hiding it since First Term… So maybe this time? As they say, You love the person as much as you hate him so I prefer this pairing to advance to the next level 😀 .

Harima… Stay away or be killed by Hanai… I don’t know what happened but they are handcuffed… Maybe it is Tenma’s evil plot to her sister. yakuma

I don’t see this pairing that strong even though they both love animals. Manga consultation is different so I don’t think Yakumo will fall for him or vice versa. Yakumo is Harima’s first HUMAN friend after all.

Tenma is still hopeless. She is cute… that’s all for our heroine. Even though she is an airhead for most of the time, there is Mikoto, Akira, Eri and of course… Harima to help her. Hmm… Why is it that our heroine the one always to save…

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