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Code Geass R2 Retrospection


I really love this episode. It is my favorite so far… I miss Kallen a lot at the academy. Code Geass was just very like Mai-Hime for me. It shows what “war” can do to the emotions and feelings of the people. Those three left standing were the lucky ones since they weren’t dragged into the battlefield unlike the Suzaku, Kallen, Nina and Nunnaly.

Suzaku was a victim of politics. If only his father wasn’t the president back then, he might have alluded the tragedy. He took the blame all by himself thus creating a barrier between him and the ordinary Elevens that want the rebellion. Even Lelouch was affected by this so-called principle of him by changing the Area 11 inwardly. Because of this principle of him, he even sacrificed his own friend just to lift his rank. He was stirred by Zero’s action by “unintentionally” killing Euphie.

Kallen was a victim of discrimination by the Britania. Her father is a Britanian but her mother is an Eleven. Due to Kallen’s father’s disapperance, her mother was forced to work as a maid. Because her mother is an Eleven, she is often mistreated. If such thing didn’t arose then Kallen’s family would be living peacefully and she would be attending the academy without masking her true nature. The thing that destroyed her mother’s mind is a prohibited drug, Refrain, which is made by the Britanians and sells to the Elevens to make sums of money. Kallen’s motive to destroy the Britania to attain the vengeance she was longing for was awakened by Zero. She knew that Zero is the only one that has that capability to do such.

Nina is just an ordinary geek character you see in any animes. Yes, she is very intelligent that she managed to enter a research facility for Knightmare improvements. She was dragged to the war during the final attack of the Black Knights to end the reign of Britania. Knowing that the Black Knights killed her lifesaver, Euphie, she became mentally unstable and attempted use the fruit of her research about Uranium to halt the Black Knights. Given the permission to continue her research, she served the Britania in order to defeat Zero. It is just isn’t right.I don’t know what’s gotten to her. Just because Euphie died? XD

Nunnaly was treated weak together with Lelouch ever since their mother was assassinated. In order to survive in Area 11, Lelouch did all he can just to fend Nunnaly against any harm. The Zero disguise was really all for her. Lelouch said it himself, “Zero is for Nunnaly’s sake…”. Nunnaly didn’t knew that the reason why her brother is fighting is to give her the better world she had always wanted. Without any clues, Nunnaly took a step forward Britania in order to achieve her dream, to have a peaceful and better place to live in with her brother. She volunteered to be the next Governor and to re-establish the long lost Special Administrative Region of Japan. I don’t think she knew the true colors of the Emperor. She doesn’t know that she is just being used as a pawn in order to draw Zero out.

Without Milly, Rivalz and Shirley, I don’t think Lelouch would be able to handle the episode… I really hope that they would have a chance again to light fireworks. Together with the original members of the student council…
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threewitchesXD I don’t know if Kaguya should really be there. I don’t really know what the heck she does in that team. If there would be something… I think that would be funding the Black Knights… Well I guess it’s important since it does the researches to upgrade Guren and for the fire arms

Kaguya wanted attention because she didn’t have any role in R1. In any case, I doubt if she could make it. I don’t know how she was able to act that mature in front of Black Knights. As far as I know she is wearing a long skirt… I think C.C. became her mentor hahaha~ Her first test was to wear that mini skirt around the base.


So being the watchdog was his job huh? That figures how Rollo was able to appear at such time during the phone call from Nunnaly. Regardless of this scene, I like this episode. I just really don’t know why Rollo need to get THAT close to Lulu…

If I would say something about the episode, that is the sea bubbles. I don’t think that many is quite possible. I also didn’t expected that Zero would really join the Special Administrative Region of Japan.

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