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Animés that need Season 2


I demand season 2 or additional season to these animes!!! I think it is good to read the manga but the artwork just don’t receive any recognition if they just lie in the pages and waited to be laid out…

First of all~ I want a Season 2 for Full Metal Alchemist! I was quite contented with the ending from the movie The Conqueror of Shambala but to think it was connected with the happenings in the manga… I was kind of foiled… Just how are they gonna explain that the movie wasn’t really connected to what’s happening in the manga???This will create confusion among fans. To think I was happy that there was THAT concluding movie… In anyway, I want a season 2 of FMA that is really made by the mangaka herself… I hate things like this… Fabricating a story so that there would be something to publish…

Second~ Negima!!! Things here are also freaking fabricated -_-. I was fooled by Asuna’s shammed past… The show didn’t only fabricated stories… They also missed the sense of introducing why is it the show’s title is NEGIMA! Well, as a sort of spoiler… Negima is the name of the club they founded in order to search for Negi’s father, Nagi, but in the anime… They never showed any motive that the characters want to help Negi in searching for his father… That is the reason I think behind the title but the anime didn’t represented it…

In this anime, of course Ken Akamatsu’s penchant for fan service should be dismantled. Nonetheless, the plot must remain as it is.

Third~ InuYasha. enough said. Naraku is still alive! I think the producers should still wait until InuYasha finishes its manga… I just don’t know how Rumiko Takahashi managed to tell a long tale like this… With only one undefeatable boss… I think the time is ripe for InuYasha to defeat Naraku… I want to know how will Kagome live after all those experiences on the Warring States Era. How many women would Miroku have? Will Sango and Miroku be together? Will Kikyo continue to wander?… since 1996 huh? It’s still running T_T

Fourth~ Ouran. The ending is very vague… I also want to see again Honey-senpai. I’m also fond of their club activities. The manga is still ongoing so I think there would be another chapter to look forward right? I also like to know how would they continue to conceal Haruhi’s real gender among the ladies that longed for her hosting service…

Fifth~ Suzuka… I read the manga for spoiler and found out that they made a couple(akitsuki and suzuka…) So uhm.? How did they ended up with each other? The ending of the anime just stated that it was the real start of something… They must at least continue the story right? What happened as well to their careers ( the track and field thing). Did Akitsuki made to the top?….

  1. mark says: June 8, 20085:00 pm

    i agree with the season 2 of ouran!
    in addition, i also want la corda d’oro to have another season too.

    where’d you watch suzuka? i only read the perverted manga and i like to watch the anime which is less ecchi. lol

  2. Thomas2135 says: August 14, 20083:52 pm

    hey animekiwi.com has season 2 of this show

  3. jitensha says: August 15, 200810:58 am

    what anime are you referring to?

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