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Negima – Chapter 213


Yue is very reliable in terms of strategic planning in combats. This would be very useful for Negima! I can’t wait to see a big battle just like in Mahora Festival Tournament. Her artifact is just so useful as if she is carrying a bunch of walkthroughs and FAQs. Quite fitted for someone so hooked with books. Still, I feel sad for her because she lost her memories.

On the other hand, I think the disclosure of Asuna’s past is drawing near.

I was very disappointed that the one in the TV series is just a “fabricated storyline” to end the story… The magic cancel ability of Asuna still lies as a mystery for everyone. Though the one told in the series is just so possible… or maybe not?…

Anyway, I think Ken Akamatsu is forgetting Haruna and Anya… I wonder what is happening to those two?

I have been waiting for this chapter… I thought I’ll be reading the scanlation later in June since Aquastar is still in the middle of chapter 212. Thank goodness there was a good Samaritan than volunteered to sub the copy out of his boredom. Considering it was his first time, he pretty made a good job I guess. The raw and the translated dialogues came from the Carlos Net and the typesetter and editor was Rehwyn.

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