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Copyright Infringement


This news is pretty alarming… The long trial has been into its judgement today.

If that is what it is called… Copyright infringement… Then what do you call the images we see at Google Images, Anime Wallpaper and MyOtaku??? I think that also counts as a copyright infringement… Just what the heck is wrong with file sharing??? I think they must use the term copyright infringement if and only if they have seen someone profiting from such thing[but is there?].

I don’t think this will affect the people in the long run. Well, I’m happy for that but his imprisonment is just for nothing… What will they achieve? Would the uploaders/ file sharers stop?

The law is just so ambiguous.

Japan’s Copyright Law prohibits unauthorized uploaders but expressly allows people to download for private use. The Japanese government is pushing a ban on unauthorized downloads as well, despite receiving thousands of messages from citizens opposing the ban.

What’s the use of authorized uploaders if unathorized downloading is not allowed?

Hmm… That person is just wrong… What about he did this…

Post the information in the forums then distribute the file by e-mail…

I don’t get the purpose of creating the malware… That’s what you get for tricking other people… He even defame someone just to escape the blame. There is nothing wrong for being a die hard fan but there is also what you call limits… I feel sorry for that person. He can’t watch the future anime series.

Well yeah, fansub and illegal distribution of pictures can be called piracy. Thats why I’m not that proud to lend the copies I have. Who knows, the Viz Media might just come here and arrest me. Knowing that fact, he must have not tried to do something foolish, something that might cause him trouble. Considering that he is in Japan, the source of the material, he must have not done such thing.

Banning all cannot solve the issue. Of course, there would always be an illegal one or an underground one… No one can stop such rampant thing. They must make a law that protects the citizens that holds the eligible material. E.g. The ones that claimed they had their PCs with malwares should not have the right to complain since it’s their fault for downloading the material. One problem as well is the accesibility. Delivery by Amazon is real quick I know but how about those country that doesn’t receive the distribution? Will we rely to the ones delivered to other places? I’m from Philippines and I think that is my valid reason. My parents don’t allow online shopping so what choice can I have… To download in the net of course… I doubt if many people in Japan does the delivery thing if it is already available in the vicinity. They can find it in Akihabara for sure.

Still, I think the arresting is somewhat wrong… If there is a law about that malware then he’s going to rot in the prison… But if there is not, then he doesn’t hold any crime right? Sharing pictures I can say is very light for such an offense. If the law does allow that then it might not have gone through the defamation of someone. Someone would falter for desperation at that situation of course…

“Fandom is not that bad if you don’t do something that profits you financially…”

If you do, then I think thats what I call illegal and infringement.

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