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Vampire Knight – Their Choice

hohoho Episode 6 of the Vampire Knight is kind of boring I guess… I was expecting how Zero would recover from his status… The episode just showed the desperation of Yuuki to help Zero even if it means giving her own blood. This show is just a typical show about Vampires and Romance. I don’t see any twisted plot that could make the show have a good impact among the viewers. The only thing I liked in the show was the voice actors. Yuuki is voiced by Horie Yui[Naru,Eri,Toru,Ayu], Zero is voiced by Mamoru Miyano[Yagami Light]. I was also captivated by the powers of the royal/noble blood Vampires but the show limits the battle scenes due to the annoying girls from the Day Class *sigh* .

BOREDOM. That is why I’m watching this series. No grudge against fans. This show is for girls I suppose.

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