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Code Geass R2 Upgrades

I actually hate Mechas. Code Geass was the first anime I watched that has the Genre. I haven’t watched Guren Laggan because of that reason. lancelot conquistah Suzaku really is a leacher… To think it was just a prototype back then… The episode doesn’t concern the dramatic battle but the improvements of Earl Lloyd and Lakshata had done through the past years Zero has been in slumber. Earl Lloyd introduces the Lancelot Conquista – Aerial type of Lancelot, with few anti measures installed and sturdier shield. I think Tristan is a better Knightmare than the Lancelot. The jet version has an advantage for speed, fast transformation. The Knightmare itself has a lance weapon[longer range of melee attack].

guren koushiki The Guren had the most significant changes for better battle configurations. Lakshata presents… Guren Kashoushiki… an Aerial unit as well, long distance firing of energy bolt, wide-spread energy blast, Gefjun Net for restriction of enemies, now with shield, and increased power output of the Yggdrasil Drive. It can discard damaged body parts now. It also has seperate unit that can be used to replace damaged parts.

As seen from the battle of Guren and Lancelot, I think the Black Knights’ Lakshata won the first batch of upgrades… Earl Lloyd needs more improvement! Hahaha~ I think it was because the Britania focused in mass production of Lancelots, thus lacking on the focus of innovating new improvements and weapons for the prototype itself.

Other pics and caps~

stepup This battle shows that Kallen really is something! Even Zino complemented her huh… Anyway, if it’s Mordred VS Guren, I think Guren would still win because it is much faster. Mordred is just a power house but very slow in contrast to Guren that can match the speed of Lancelot and Tristan. This picture must be a symbol that Anya is no match for Kallen.

ff10huh This scene reminds me of Tidus and his party sliding along the railing in order to save Yuna and to prevent her wedding… Whatever, this picture shows the superior piloting skills of Kallen [The Guren is still a land unit in this scene]. Her sense of center of gravity must be pretty wicked.

anyaisbully Looks like Mordred got it’s new toy. I think Anya is not scared for her hands to be stained by blood. She never hesitated in any of the battles to defeat the enemies. Considering she looks like pretty innocent

Poor Lelouch ~ Abandoned by his own reason… Just how will he continue the rebellion…

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