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Negima – Chapter 212

adeat Looks like I’ll be rooting now for someone else… Hahaha! Go Yuechin! Please cast a Sagitta Magica to beat out that griffin.

I’ve been very excited lately when I have read this chapter. I can’t wait to see how Yue will handle the griffin… Will she win the race? Had she recovered her memories when she remembered how to use her pactio card? wahh… Things are turning up in my mind T_T! [Ken Akamatsu sugoi!]. Still not a fan of the stripping battle though n_n.

I think this will be a great opportunity for the Negima club since the only one who knows how to fly besides Negi is Setsuna using her wings and Chachamaru using her boosters. Haruna can make avians though… Yue also learned how to cast a barrier 🙄 Now that is what we call talent…

Oh common class rep, is an artifact card that legendary???

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