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Negima – Chapter 211


I find these amnesia chapters amusing to have Yue so eager to study. I have to thank Collet for casting forgetfulness spell on Yue. It is such a waste if someone who likes books would be a Baka-Ranger. Yue also has profound philosophies and I don’t want those to be wasted. If Yuechin have something that Nodoka doesn’t have, it’s her principles.

I still get the concept of stripping battle funny.

I was actually expecting a chapter covering what happened to Haruna or Anya. If its Haruna, then she can live with all of her scourge or drawings. If its Anya, I think she can do some decent magic. Still, I’ve been wanting to see some parodies of Gundam, robots and other creatures using Haruna’s pactio.

I envy Yuechin because she got the chance to study magic and even flying through broomstick!!! Haha… Can’t wait to see Yue casting Sagitta Magica spells! Now I’m feeling excited for Yue…

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