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Bleach – 168

Bleach has undergone again a new filler arc called “The Brand New Captain Amagai Shuusuke Arc”. They also decided to change the OP and ED song. The manga is still under the operation of rescuing Orihime… It’s so sad that I haven’t seen what happened to Ichigo’s party. If this filler continues… I will be imposed to read the manga. I don’t know if they will still continue the rescue for Inoue but one thing for sure, the viewers would be disappointed[It’s the climax already you know… The Soul Society guys are about to arrive…

I didn’t appreciated the new OP and ED song because the Karakura guys were there. I think its irrelevant to have them in the opening since it doesn’t concern them anymore. The narrator said that it’s a NEW story that unfolded BEFORE the rescue. It is really weird that many conspiracies may be raised…[I don’t want to enumerate my notifications]


I thought the opening was just endorsing a new movie again or.. they might have been jealous of Naruto’s new OP and ED…

It really is a filler arc… 🙁

This gotta stop or else… Bleach might retire… 🙁

And I thought that Bleach is progressing than Naruto XD — NOT!…

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