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The Path to Otakuness

I’m really bored everyday because there are no decent games in this PC(except Pinball, Solitaire, Minesweeper , and Hearts -_-). Because of site browsing, I became fond of Anime Blogs these days. I’m an anime fan as well so I can relate to most of their entries. I felt envious because most of them know fluent Japanese thus they can watch the animes with ease simply by obtaining the raws. They even know the nooks to check out for updates, recent events and released animes.

I seldom encounter hardcore fans who collect action figures of their favorite characters from the series. Even though I’m addicted like them in watching… I don’t really resort to those kind of hobbies because it COSTS. Given the chances, I’ll still prefer not to because there is no place for them in the house! My mother might just spill some oil one of those days and incinerate them into ashes -_-.

Because of so much reading, I was able to ascertain few terms that otakus use… Some of them are tsundere, yandere, tsukkomi and of course… moe… I enjoyed some of the entries because I also thought of similar things while watching anime but then normal people would never understand a denizen of the anime blogosphere.

I also saw a thread in crunchyroll about anime being childish… Haha… I simply believe that it is not and I strongly believe that it is for all ages… Of course not the ecchi ones… XD… Bloody and violent animes can be for children too! It’s all on the parental guidance and discipline of the children… Having them watch such anime would never affect their personality considering their parents have taught them the right manners… right? I’m very irritated when there are some news in the TV that says anime is one of the reasons why children these days are different… I think it’s with the intimacy of the parents. I have already watched many anime concerning wars/battles but I haven’t changed into someone like a delinquent.


I also saw someone’s blog that has the same theme as mine!!! XD I felt annoyed because of it. Now I’m planning to change it into something more personalized ^^… I won’t change the blog name because I think it’s pretty much connected to my all time favorite show. I might change this site into an Anime Blog since I don’t have something to do! School is fast approaching so I will still manage to post though not that frequent!… I’m excited to post about anime now… [Gotta change my theme first! XD]

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