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foomafoo is a spoonerism for fumoffu. At first, I thought it was the right one but then I realized that fumoffu was actually the right term. I got used to it already so it became my username. My hobbies include watching anime (hi captain obvious), reading manga and light novels, digging treasure at pixiv, and tweaking the site’s theme. Nothing much really.

I used to suck in English so I’m trying to further hone my writing skills here through blogging. I’m saying it here first! I’m not that of an eloquent writer so please don’t be rash to me about grammar if ever you find an error somewhere XD. I’m an economics major and if it matters to you, I’m a Filipino residing in the Philippines. Also, I’m 19 y/o folks.

My posts tend to be random but I always try to write about things that I have a personal attachment to – especially with the editorials. Meanwhile, my reviews and digressions both tend to be borderline rants (actually, even the editorials…). The posts I write are more or less, pure ramblings.

Where you could stalk find me: MAL | Twitter | Tumblr  Note: I’m most visible in Twitter.

Anime and Manga co-bloggers are very much welcomed to comment and contact me. I’ll appreciate conversations since I pretty much know it myself that I’m one of those bloggers not that active in commenting at every corner of the blogosphere. I’ll still find my time to do that.

You can contact me at navinaj[at][gmail][dot][com]. You can comment as well at the latest post if it’s something very urgent or important as I filter each and every comment. You can email me in the email I gave if you are interested on exchanging links. Just be sure though that you’ll be kind enough as well to return the favor. I detest people who say okay to my exchange links offer and yet I won’t see my site anymore after months. I abhor bloggers who don’t do what they say especially if it was a gentlemen’s agreement.

I appreciate sites and bloggers that links to my site in their blogroll without even asking for my permission. Chances are, I’ll also add you up in my blogroll immediately without the unnecessary chitchat needed once I receive a referral.

I hope I could help the readers understand some things through my posts while allowing myself to improve in the process. Thanks for reading!

History with blogging

I started blogging 2006 and I began my blog using blogspot but I erased my entries with the thought that what I posted back then at that site were merely trash (seriously, I was so childish back then relative to my current self). I re-started to blog using this site back in November 2007. The site domain navinaj.com was originally intended for personal use (as it the domain name actually incorporates my real name backwards), by personal I mean something more on to the social commentary and sort of a journal type of entry but I got pretty much bored and started posting entries about anime I watch. As the blog attracted hits and pings from those anime posts, the author could no longer enjoy the limited privacy he enjoyed when he wasn’t posting about animes yet. Still, I was already determined to establish an anime blog back then so the only solution was to separate my anime blog to that of my personal one. This separation happened back in April 2008 which you could notice, the very first month of the archives. I’m not sure as of the moment but I’ve been planning to buy a more suited url domain for Temporal Vortex – but I’m currently hesitating due to the links I’ve built up for the last three years. It would be a big loss.


I would like to apologize and give credit to all artists, not only to RESS for deliberately stealing his artwork from pixiv to have as an avatar. These four avatars at the left all used to be my avatars — but I’m fickle when it comes to avatars that I usually regress and reuse the old ones despite having a new one. I’ve used the second pic the longest and I still revert back my avatar to that whenever nostalgia kicks in so — if you suddenly see one of these avatars, it might be me trying to look for a new one but I can’t find one yet so I used an old one instead.

Credits: RESS, テオ, とま子, mg

Also, I have always offered this page for my two other guest writers Deneuve and desuetude but it looks like they’re the shy type (OH PLEASE). Anyway, just to inform the readers, the entries in this blog are not 100% my contribution alone.

The site

Temporal Vortex is a colorful, strange place apart from the two dimensions of Home and Another. It is home to several strange monsters and a type of orange fruit that allows a meager living possible for any beings stranded there. Impossible architecture is also present, suggesting the vortex is some kind of chaotic anomaly (Chrono Compendium, 2009) .

“Temporal Vortex” came from Chrono Cross. It is a strange realm governed by wandering souls that drifted in a space time continuum anomaly. If you played Chrono Cross, you can describe it yourself but to those who are curious… It looks like an optical illusion and the monsters you could encounter in the map is “drawn/sketched”. I say that it is pretty weird but I think its name has a nice ring to it. The pictures above depict the 2d optical illusion of the mazes in Temporal Vortex (the one from Chrono Cross).

Apologies if you are primarily looking for information about the true Temporal Vortex from Chrono Cross but got across this site instead, haha!

Temporal Vortex is an anime blog although be prepared to encounter some RPGs, mangas, light novels- related posts.

foomafoo is the main admin and he has a linking policy… That is you mustn’t have ecchi or very obscene pics, in your blog, or if you have — at least not in your front page. I would turn down your offer right off the bat if your site site looks like Sankaku Complex for its extreme NSFW-ness. foomafoo will be the the one to judge whether the site and the pictures are tolerable.

Credits for current headers:  some user from AnimePaper.net (the wallpaper is no longer in their archives… ) – Karekano header
Credits for past headers: クル, Aile, rim2, とま子
Credits for editing: desuetude

This site is hosted by Filcode. It’s my brother’s and I don’t know much about site hosting!

Last major update: February 29, 2012

  1. paper says: January 30, 20118:55 am

    Stalking you on MAL.
    .. Jk. Couldn't resist saying that. x]

    • foomafoo says: January 30, 20113:27 pm

      lol, you can add me, i don't bite XD.

      • paper says: January 31, 20112:32 am

        Sure you dont.. ahah.

  2. Catherine Meyers says: May 13, 20116:32 am

    Hi Foomafoo

    My name is Catherine Meyers, I'm the admin of a web blog directory, while reading your blog and it's reviews and articles about anime and manga, I was wondering if you might be interested in a link exchange (no money involved), I would add your blog in my directory so my visitors will also visit your site and in exchange you add my website to your blogroll or links. Please let me know if you are interested and the best of luck with Temporal Vortex.



  3. Otakumouse says: June 15, 20113:29 pm

    Yow foomafoo! I'm Nico and I stumbled upon your incredible blog inside the friends links section of E2046 😀 Im not sure if my blog can pass your standards since i post some 18+ figure reviews there, but i dont totally post it on the homepage 😛

    And yeah, Im also from the Philippines 😀
    My recent post Ironman Mark I Cosplay

    • foomafoo says: June 23, 20115:02 pm

      Hello! it's nice to get in touch with several Filipino anibloggers! I skimmed your figure blog and the 18+ content isn't really that much so I guess… you passed? haha wait, were you indirectly asking for a link exchange XD?

      I think you're the only filaniblogger who blogs about figures o/

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